Banyo Early Learning Centre

From little things, big things grow

Banyo Early Learning Centre is a full-service childcare centre catering for 99 children from 6 weeks to 5 years. Our philosophy is simple.

Our team understands and encourages a balance between lifelong learning and fun-filled play so that our children can look forward to school and the remarkable future that awaits them!

We’re all about “Wildhood”

At our Early Learning Centre, we are passionate about seeing Banyo childcare through our children’s eyes.

We encourage what we call “real play”, where shoes are optional and getting dirty is compulsory! We want our children to feel free to be themselves and embrace their “Wildhood”. That’s why our kindergarten in Banyo encourages play within open, natural, outdoor environments.

While feeding animals, digging in the garden, playing in the sandpit and splashing about in the rain aren’t daily occurrences for many children today, they are at Banyo Early Learning Centre!

wildwood real play kindergarten - Banyo Early Learning Qld


Childcare is an incredibly meaningful and gratifying profession.

At Banyo Early Learning Centre, we will support you through your professional development and help you embrace the opportunity to create your own career path.

Happy staff make for happier children, and happy children mean happier parents. So childcare is easy and rewarding for everyone.

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The Banyo Early Learning Centre difference

Studies have shown that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial to their development.

That’s why our Banyo daycare centre has been designed around natural, diverse and challenging spaces to help children play in imaginative and creative ways, build confidence and competence, and assess and negotiate risk.

Our light-filled rooms feature state-of-the-art resources for all development stages. Our outdoor areas have sand pits, bike tracks, water play, a veggie patch and many unique spaces to explore, and we offer a menu filled with fresh and healthy meals for even the fussiest eaters!

What’s not to love?

wildwood real play kindergarten - Banyo Early Learning Qld

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You are already raising a unique and beautiful child.  Let us help you prepare them for school … and for life!

wildwood real play kindergarten - Banyo Early Learning Qld